Media / Equipment

ColorZone’s production facility in Benicia is fully equipped to create large-format graphics and custom displays of all shapes, sizes and styles on virtually any medium, including a range of eco-friendly options that look great while reducing environmental impact. With the most advanced equipment available, we are ready to help you create exactly what you need. Check out some of our equipment and popular media below, and be sure to Contact Us for information, including any ideas you have. We love trying new things and creating custom products, and we’ll work with you to realize your creative vision.

MEDIA                                                                          EQUIPMENT

Photo Paper
Photo paper is used for reproductions of portraits, landscapes and artistic photographs. It differs from regular paper in that it maintains the appearance, texture and finish of glossy or matte photo paper, even when used in extremely large sizes. Our large-format printers create the perfect images for trade shows, craft fairs or other applications where large-format photographs are required.

BioBoard combines the benefits of traditional sheet material with exceptional environmental sensitivity. Made from more than 92% post-consumer waste content, it is 100% recyclable, yet has drawn universal acclaim for its printability, flatness and light weight, which makes maneuvering quick and easy. BioBoard can be cut, joined and drilled with ease, and our equipment can print environmentally friendly inks directly on its bright white surface, resulting in excellent color that will make a big impression without a big environmental impact.

Like BioBoard, BioPoster offers impressive environmental sensitivity with exceptional printability. It is 100% recyclable and is made from more than 92% post-consumer waste content, though one could never tell by looking at it. BioPoster is available in 51-milimeter thickness for two-sided indoor applications, or 55-milimeter coated stock for one-sided applications in outdoor environments.

EcoPlast is an eco-friendly alternative to plastic foamboard. Ideal for indoor use, it is made from recycled plastic, and is 100% biodegradable for those looking to reduce their environmental footprint. Most importantly, however, is its incredible printability and multiple uses. Not only does EcoPlast look great, but it is rigid enough to sit up and flexible enough to be rolled, making it ideal for outdoor signage and other demanding applications.

BioBanner is the World’s first truly environmentally friendly PVC sign material. This biodegradable sign material provides the tear-and-fade-resistant properties of a conventional PVC vinyl substrate with the ability to withstand various weather conditions. BioBanner is perfectly suited for a wide variety of signage applications including:

  • Billboards
  • Wall Murals
  • Tradeshow Displays
  • Outdoor and Indoor Banners
  • Retail Signage

Vinyl is a heavy-duty cloth-like material used for longer-term outdoor applications. It resists weather and maintains its color and integrity longer than other outdoor fabrics, and can be used daily for multiple years under normal circumstances. Vinyl’s strength and durability make it ideal for hanging outdoors. And of course, it can be easily folded and stored for later use, making it a thoughtful option for long-term seasonal use.

Sailcloth is an alternative fabric option that is sure to make a lasting impression for high-quality, long-lasting reproductions. In addition to holding color extremely well, the fabric is thick and sturdy and can be combined with stitched elements such as insignias, logos or decorative flourishes.

Heavy-duty canvas can be used for all functions that require sturdiness, while lighter versions of the fabric are often used by painters. The many different kinds of canvas – including waterproof and fireproof – all hold ink and paint equally well, making them ideal for use when reproducing photographs or artwork that will be stretched and framed. After printing, ColorZone can stretch, wrap, mount and frame your canvas to your exacting specifications.

Sintra is a lightweight yet rigid PVC board with a low-gloss matte finish. Unlike Gatorfoam and Foam-Cor, which utilize multiple materials, Sintra is a single homogenous sheet available in thicknesses of 1mm to 13mm. It is most often used for photo mounting, display construction and various outdoor uses where lighter foam boards are not recommended. We can also print high-resolution images directly to Sintra for a beautiful waterproof solution.

Fome-Cor is the original graphic arts foam board, and continues to be the industry standard after more than 35 years. Coated with clay for a smooth, printable surface, Fome-Cor persists as a go-to product for short-term and temporary displays because it is affordable, transportable, embossable and incomparably suited for die cutting, allowing for any shape in a number of indoor mounting applications. It is available in several sheet sizes and thicknesses, and can be treated with a number of coatings as desired.

Gatorfoam is a premium, heavy-duty graphic arts foam board with an outstanding reputation for quality. Stronger, more durable and less prone to denting than Fome-Cor, Gatorfoam is perfect for projects that will be transported or handled repeatedly. It is the brightest foam board of its kind and is available for digital printing in large formats up to 5 feet by 10 feet.

Dibond is an aluminum-faced composite sheet that is an ideal choice for exterior signage and advertising. Because it never warps or fades, Dibond will always look as good as the day it was installed, making it an extremely cost-effective solution for long-term outdoor use. It comes in a number of sizes, thicknesses and finishes and is highly regarded for its high-quality smooth surface and ease of direct printing.

Aluminum is one of the most rugged sign materials available, and is most often used for outdoor use because it won’t fade or rust due to weather. It’s available in a number of lengths, widths and thicknesses, and is extremely easy to install due to its light weight. After use, aluminum is fully recyclable, making it one of the most environmentally sound options for outdoor signage.

Acrylic is a versatile and extremely durable plastic most often used for long-term indoor and outdoor signage. It is particularly popular in retail environments, restaurants and directional signage because its extremely high-quality gloss finish attracts attention. Others prefer acrylic because it comes in many colors and can be heated and manipulated into virtually any shape, allowing for extreme versatility in design.

Wood has been a mainstay of signage since the earliest days of commerce, when spare boards with a few strokes of paint on them served as everything from storefront signs to menus to billboards around town. Today wood remains a prominent medium because of its rich history and the unique look it so effortlessly creates, especially when supplemented with the textures and designs that are easily created by our Multicam router.

Film can be used to make a big impression, especially when backlit for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our equipment creates a photo-real quality print directly on the film for stunning window displays, shadowboxes, trade show graphics and more. Film is sure to impress, and can be especially striking when used with colored or color-changing lighting to attract attention.

Lamination protects your displays from being creased, wrinkled, sun-damaged, stained, smudged and marked. Besides protection, lamination can also enable printing on materials that otherwise wouldn’t hold ink, such as magnets, and allow for unique colored layers or compelling visual effects such as holograms. ColorZone can provide heated and cold roll lamination, as well as UV, polycarbonate, velvet matte, luster, gloss, dry erase and others for both indoor and outdoor projects.