Media / Equipment

ColorZone’s production facility in Benicia is fully equipped to create large-format graphics and custom displays of all shapes, sizes and styles on virtually any medium, including and a range of eco-friendly options that look great while reducing environmental impact. With the most advanced equipment available, we are ready to help you create exactly what you need. Check out some of our equipment and popular media below, and be sure to Contact Us for information anything, including any ideas you have. We love trying new things and creating custom products, and we’ll work with you to realize your creative vision.

MEDIA                                                                          EQUIPMENT

The VUTEk QS3220 produces eye-popping pictures with print resolutions up to 1080 dpi, four- or six-color imaging and a special seventh channel with white ink. The VUTEk QS3220 increases the amount of work we are able to push through the shop at new levels of speed, while still producing the highest quality signs, Point-of-Purchase displays, banners and other superwide applications quicker.

  • Max Resolution: 1080dpi
  • Max (Production) Speed: 900 sq ft/hr or 22 4' x 8' boards per hour
  • Number of Inks: 6 color plus white
  • Max Width: 126.5"
  • Media Type: Flexible or rigid substrates up to 2" thick
  • Head Technology: Piezo

HP DesignJet 10000
The HP DesignJet 10000 moves productivity to the next level. Its heavy-duty printheads have more than 3,000 nozzles for incredibly thorough and precise ink application on widths to 104". The HP 10000 uses low-solvent inks, prints very quickly, and has a heavy-duty take-up reel that supports two preloaded rolls for dual roll printing, which improves workflow and saves costs on larger jobs. Other functions include double-sided printing for banners, direct-to-mesh printing and extremely quick drying, but most impressive is its extremely high resolution and consistently beautiful color.

Max Resolution: 720dpi
Max (Production) Speed: 322 sq ft/hr
Standard Speed: 176 sq ft/hr
Slow (Quality) Speed: 88 sq ft/hr
Number of Inks: 6
Max Width: 104"
Head Technology: Piezo


HP DesignJet 5000
The HP DesignJet 5000 changed the industry upon its release, revolutionizing what a large-format printer could be. Not only was it a workhorse, but it also added high speed and photo-realistic quality while reducing the banding that was common at the time. Most importantly, the HP 5000 was among the first to include UV pigmented inks, which not only produced stunning color, but also had stability and longevity ratings of more than 150 years in the harshest conditions indoors and out. With so many wonderful qualities, it’s no wonder ColorZone still depends on this impressive machine.

Mimaki JF-1631
ColorZone was the first imaging and exhibits firm in California to purchase the Mimaki JF-1631, and we couldn’t be happier. It prints directly on large, rigid substrates with brilliant color, and unlike other large-format flatbeds it includes white ink. That allows us to print bright, vibrant color even on transparent and colored media, creating incredible design opportunities. In all it includes 8 colored UV curable inks, including a clear liquid for a high-gloss finish that locks in amazing color.

Standard Resolution: 600 dpi
Max Resolution: 1200dpi
Max Speed at 600 dpi: 18.4 sq m/hr
Max Speed at 1200 dpi: 7.6 sq m/hr
Effective Printing Area: 63" by 122"

Multicam 1000 Router
With our Multicam 1000 Router, ColorZone can take your 2-D vector art files and turn them into full 3-D effects on virtually all hard materials, including wood, acrylic, gatorboard, foamcore and many others. Accepting materials up to 5’ by 10’ and carving depths up to 4.5", our router has made its mark on everything from real estate signs to a company logo carved onto the top of a concert organ, so it can definitely handle whatever job you have in mind.