About Us

When ColorZone opened in 1997, our largest revenue source came from providing color copies. The memory not only brings a smile to our faces, but also speaks to how much –and how quickly – both our industry and the world around us have changed.

Today, someone can get a color copy just about anywhere…including from the inkjet printer in their basement at home. But for trade show displays, indoor and outdoor signage, banners, vehicle wraps and other graphically intense business communications, only ColorZone has the expertise and equipment to provide exactly what you need, every time. As our business has evolved into a full-service imaging and exhibits firm specializing in large-format graphics and displays, we’ve established a reputation for quality that can’t be beat, highlighted by our impeccable color-matching and fearless desire to create the innovative, one-of-a-kind projects that meet your needs.

Despite the changes in what we do at ColorZone, time hasn’t changed who we are. We remain extremely nimble, able to produce high-quality work quickly, like we did during the booming days of the dot-com era. We remain committed to the latest technologies, demonstrated by our continuous server and software upgrades, growing collection of eco-friendly media options, and investments in the most advanced equipment available, such as our large-format UV-curable flatbed printer with white ink, which can print on virtually any surface. And of course, we remain dedicated to outstanding customer service, which we’ve shown on every project, starting with that very first color copy.

Can ColorZone help you with a project? Contact Us today to get started. We’re happy to work with you, and we’re committed to providing exactly what you need.